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Appearances in events

  • Speakers in Projektipäivät main stage 1.11.2017
  • Speakers in Digisalonki 30.10.2017
  • Speakers in Axiell customer day 26.10.2017
  • Main speakers in Henry Ry strategy network digital transformation event
  • Kati was the chairman of Tivi UX- Think Big! 6.6.2017
  • Speakers in Tietojohtamisen päivä 12.5.2017
  • Speakers in PMI Conference 10.5.2017
  • Speakers in Digital sales day 25.4.2017
  • Main speakers in PMI breakfast seminar 21.4.2017
  • Speakers in Digijohtamisen päivä 26.1.2017

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