Football is a great game, because it unites all countries, nations and cultures!

Last night in FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia played against Spain and Denmark against Croatia. After 90 minutes both games ended up to draw and the winner of the matches were resolve with penalty kicks.

Russia and Croatia won the Shootouts

Both winning teams run to the field and head coaches raised hands up!

Croatia’s head coach Zlatko Dalić had a big smile on his face as Russia’s head coach Stanislav Cherchesov was more restrained (see the photo collage).

As a business leader you need to first find your own personal way to celebrate success. Only after that you can share your feelings with others.

Share Success to Create Critical Momentum

Celebrating success not only engage and reinforce motivation, but also makes success visible to other stakeholders outside of your own radar.

Sharing success in short term sprint creates critical momentum to achieve Continuous Business Transformation in long term triathlon.


Photos’ snapshot source: Yle Areena